Business Sectors

Defence, Military and Security

Leading in this sector, Defence Unlimited formed an alliance with MITgel, a manufacturer of superior Bullet Proof Vests, as well as several other regional agencies for military, aviation, and security products.


Trade and Manufacturing

Banayoti Sawiris established his first trade business in Egypt and expanded its ventures to Canada when he relocated in 2010.

Transact is the first company that was established in Canada, which opened up trade between Canada, and Egypt as well as the Middle East.


Real Estate and Hospitality

Banayoti Sawiris has a unique vision for creative estate transformations and property development. Merging real estate investments with the hospitality sector, he has bought, transformed, and sold 22 hotels that are now among the top chains across the US and Canada. The hotels were acquired by a Canadian group.


Aerospace and Aviation

Sir Banayoti Sawiris invested in the aerospace and aviation industries that he finds particularly valuable in their timelessness. Not only did he want to facilitate air transport, but also be involved in the science behind it to ensure safety and reliability through their maintenance, operations and manufacturing. Sir Edward also invests in airlines that are in need of financing to remain in business. 

Air Malta

He had made an offer to Air Malta via the Maltese government, but the offer was denied by European legislators.

Image by Luka Slapnicar

Telecommunication and Cybersecurity

Silent Circle

Sir Edward Banayoti has successfully introduced Silent Circle to Canada among several other countries, which is an encrypted black phone that ensued complete privacy, and is now available as an app called Silent Phone. His company uses Silent Phone to protect clients’ privacy.