Spanning 25+ years

Sir Banayoti Sawiris is a mentor, philanthropist, and investor who continuously looks for ways to make a positive impact on the world. His career spans over 25 years in leading sectors worldwide. He is now the semi-retired CEO of Defence Unlimited International Banayoti Sawiris continues to play a key role in Canadian-based Cornerstone Holdings Corp and is the current CEO of the Canadian League of Lobbyists and Advocacy Professionals. He is also a member of the National Military Intelligence Association, the International Board, a member of the International Board of ICDT, and a contributing member to the National Military Intelligence Association. He is a pioneer, renowned for his dependability, and is a trusted voice for many heads of state and world leaders.


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Cornerstone Holdings Corporation

Cornerstone Holdings Corp. is the mother company that manages and controls investments in the Aerospace and Defence industries. They are contractors, defense suppliers, and manufacturers, as well as real estate and telecommunication investors. Cornerstone Holdings aims to diversify its portfolio by acquiring distressed businesses and rehabilitating them. Cornerstone Holdings Corp. has active investments in Canada, North and South America, across the European Union, Egypt among others.


Defence Unlimited International

Defence Unlimited specializes in all aspects of the defense and military industry. It expanded its presence globally in 2021 by opening new offices around the world. This paramount undertaking will make the company more accessible to investors, potential partners, and consultants to collaborate with its team and take advantage of the existing cooperation opportunities with one of the leading companies in the world. Defence Unlimited is a subsidiary of Cornerstone Holdings which has evolved into one of the key defense companies in the world that cater to private and public organizations and governmental entities.

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Army Boots

Banayoti Sawiris founded Defence Unlimited International in Egypt (1990) and is now one of the largest Defence and Security contractors in the world. The company is a member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) which is the official national association of the industry. The defence and security sector employs 109,000 Canadians and generates more than 12.6 billion dollars for the country's economy every year. It operates globally with more than 220 consultancy specialists. It also provides security contractors and offers security services, including training and supplementing armed forces in service of friendly governments. Both, Defence Unlimited International and Transpect have established agencies for more than 150 companies and are due to open more offices in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and Latin America. Through Canadian Defence Export Control, (compliance-audit) the company continues to offer compliance services to companies within the defence export sector.


Wing Ship Technology Corporation

Defence Unlimited International signed an exclusive business development agreement with Wing Ship Technology Corporation for the MENA region. This alliance has produced the first medium to large-scale commercial WIG craft, which is the partial materialization of Banayoti Sawiris’ vision for the future of aviation and logistics technology.

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Vanguard Global is a UK based private security and consultancy firm with global operational capabilities. Accustomed to providing bespoke security & risk management services in low, medium and high risk theatres around the world, Vanguard has global reach, extensive experience and in-depth local knowledge. 

Over the years, Vanguard Global has developed an extensive network of stakeholders, associates, experts and operatives. Meticulously cultivated across many fields; government officials, business leaders, defence and intelligence experts & security professionals. Creating a wealth of knowledge, combining critical expertise and bolstering operational capabilities, while adhering to British and international standards.

Vanguard Global is a subsidiary of Defence Unlimited International.


Canadian Defence Export Control is looked upon, by many Canadian defence-manufacturing facilities, for regulating the export of defence and strategic goods and technologies.

These goods and technologies include:

1. Military items designed or adapted for military purposes or those that are inherently lethal, incapacitating or destructive; and

2. Commercial items and technologies that may be used or adapted for use in a military program or contribute to the development and production of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons systems.



Global Intel Source provides Intelligence Analysis including Threat Risk Analysis, critical infrastructure cyber security, and offers consultancy on project specific initiatives.



Sir Edward Banayoti established Offsets Unlimited to create a market place, where entrepreneurs can network with potential investors, and offer a safe and mediated negotiation atmosphere. 



LUI represents leading corporations and institutions with legislative, regulatory issues. Their expertise is in handling policy issues within the Canadian federal and provincial governments and sectors, including healthcare, energy, transportation, finance, technology, defence, security and tax policies.